Who is Paul Intino?

Who am I, what do I do…OR, what have I done?  I want to answer all those questions, however what we do and what we have done are NOT necessarily “Who we are”…right?

Let’s start here: Why am I building this site?

I am currently developing PaulIntino.com as a centralized platform for folks to review my resume AND get a better understanding of what I may or may NOT be able to do for their company.  I am also building this site to give people a better understanding of “Who I am” as well.  Is it possible to do both, and who cares?  We will see.

Who am I?

Well, I am 42 years old (43 in January).  I was raised locally and lived a “normal” childhood.  I even had BOTH parents my whole life, until my father passed away in 2008.  I was very close with all of my grandparents and I have many GREAT friends.  I played every sport there was and eventually found my love for Basketball.  I played at a high level until a back injury closed the curtain on a D1 scholarship.  Sports were over, however my competitive spirit led me to the sales business.  I worked for Paul Mitchell Haircare for 7 years AFTER running my own sales & marketing company from age 19-22.  I did well, learned a lot and ultimately failed at my 1st go at entrepreneurship.  I did apply that education at PM and later on in the telecommunications industry.  Over the past decade I have specialized in the dental industry.  Specifically in the dental lab piece of the business.   I share this to make one point:  my competitive spirit has driven my career more than anything.  I do have some influences I would like to share as well.  I’ll start with my grandmother.  I remember a final basketball game at a B’Ball camp I attended.  I scored 36 points that game and while being praised by family, friends, and coaches, my grandmother said “but you lost the game”.  WOW…what a lesson.  I learned it was about team, NOT about me and yes….about WINNING.  It is NOT about “how you played” or “having fun”…I don’t buy any of that.  Our world revolves around winning.  Don’t mis-understand me…it is NOT about $$$$ or material possessions.  WINNING can be many things with many variances all determined by the person themselves.  Just don’t ask Charlie Scheen!  Here are some other things I learned from my grandmother.  “If you don’t really want the answer, don’t ask me the question”.  I have lived that way my whole life.  I am honest, candid, direct while being polite, caring, and diplomatic.  I feel a powerful combination of ingredients for a person in Sales, Marketing, Client Care, and business development.  Agree?

Today, I enjoy simple things.  Spending time with my beautiful better half Liesl and my step-daughter little Peighton is at the top of my list.  Watching ESPN is a close second!  I try to eat well, work out, and play a little hoop.  I keep in touch with my closest friends & family, and I hate Facebook (for personal use, LOVE it for business applications!).  Who cares what I ate for dinner!  I enjoy my modest home, I don’t travel to relax and I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my son ( a cat!) Pooder while sipping a protein shake.  I enjoy clothing and great dinners out.  I am a bit of a chameleon.  Let me explain:  NOT in my mood or personality but in my social world.  You may find me in a suit & tie OR in a hoodie with a skull on it!  I love HUGE watches and really cool shoes as well.  “Affliction” is my brand of choice, by the way.

Professionally, I work hard while maintaining balance.  My motto is “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.  The truth is…I really do care about ones business.  In sales I put the client first.  As a consultant it is about THEM reaching THEIR goals.  Another truth be told, it is self-serving.  I feel good about it AND it drives income to me through divine justice.  My professional influences are Tom Peters, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Chet Holmes, AND Phil Jackson.

The bottom line is this:  I am a normal guy living a simple life.  I am honest, candid and I do CARE, while being tenacious in helping companies or individuals reach THEIR goals.

Let’s talk!


315.794.2236 / Email: Intino456@gmail.com / Find me on LinkedIn.

Thank you for visiting,


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